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The Moo Potter (M)

The Moo Potter (M)

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Artist: Meredith McCord
Event: CowParade Houston 2001
Type: Ceramic
Size: 18.5 X 12.5 CM

This cow model represents a standing heifer and his a replica of the CowParade Houston, 2001 life-size fiberglass cow. This whimsical figurine features a range of hand-painted teapots, cups, and plates. Each of the over 20 adornments is not only independent work of art but also a fantastic a single creation set. The ears are embellished with tea cup earrings to give her a feminine touch, while she utters, most cleverly, are her paint dispensers. 

Each figurine always comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and in the new CowParade box. The new packaging is not only easy to open but also is a great display piece in and of itself, especially for collectors.

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