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Happy Birthday to Moo! (M)

Happy Birthday to Moo! (M)

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Artist: Mike Dowdall, Humberto Castro Cruz, Juan Andreau
Event: CowParade West Hartford 2003
Type: Ceramic
Size: 14 X 15 CM
Intro Date: Spring 2004

This Happy Birthday cow, the life-size cow, was created for CowParade West Hartford 2003. The figurine appeared in the spring of 2004 and since then, has been the top-selling medium size sculpture.

The Happy Birthday cow comes in new, colorful packaging to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the iconic figurine. Its name “Happy Birthday to Moo” is written in big white bold letters on the top of the box. The new packaging is not only easy to open but also is a great display piece in and of itself. Each figurine always comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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